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EX MENTE: Growing SA
Metallurgical Business Steeled
for Future


We unlock greater value from pyrometallurgical operations, through collaboration with our clients. Ex Mente is an independent metallurgical engineering company focused on the intelligent application of science and technology, to enhance the success and long-term sustainability of our industry.

We help our clients solve difficult and complex problems by developing innovative and simple-to-use solutions that add real, measurable value. Whether you are starting a new pyrometallurgical venture, need to improve an existing operation or need a specialised process tailor-made to your unique circumstances, we can help to protect your investment and improve returns.

Working together

towards effective solutions for unique circumstances

We help you make important decisions confidently, with guidance from our strong team, through the rigour of our structured methods and with insight from our powerful tools.

We care, we think, we calculate.

The Ex Mente Difference

We combine our experience, knowledge and skills with trusted research and computational technologies, to provide our clients with the insights they need to be more successful. By working with you at the right stage of project development, we can help you ensure project success and enhance profitability.


With good decisions early on, a well-trained operations team and powerful tools to help them, new projects can start up faster and more reliably, and existing operations can become more profitable.

Dr Jaco Swanepoel


Jaco is a Chemical Engineer with twelve years of experience in projects that range from reactive metals handling, reactive metal powder production in molten salt slurry reactors, extractive metallurgy to microwave-assisted gas-solid materials processing.
Jaco contributed to three process patents and obtained a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering. Jaco also completed the KTP Management and Leadership Study Program at Ashorne Hill Management College, England.

Stefan van der Merwe


Stefan’s greatest passion is to enable people. By combining his greatest passion with his love for technology, he finds joy in making computing infrastructure accessible to the non-technical, and developing software that uncomplicates tasks. As a software engineer with qualifications in electronic engineering and bioengineering, Stefan is responsible for software development, enabling the team and clients to advance through insight.