Ex Mente Pyro Week 2022

Johan Zietsman


Dates: 4-8 April 2022
Format: Training (in-person)
Pyro Community Day (hybrid: online and in-person)
Location: Pretoria, South Africa

We are looking forward to exploring, discovering, and learning together as part of our drive to empower teams in our industry. In the past, we hosted Thermo Week, during which we focused on thermochemistry. Pyro Week has a broader scope, to address more of the needs that we have identified in our pyrometallurgy community. Thermochemistry will still be at the core, but this year we will also wrestle with process kinetics and mass and energy balances.

Process kinetics refers to reaction kinetics and transport processes like heat transfer, fluid flow, and mass transfer. Collectively, these rate phenomena are at the heart of furnace capacity, process stability, and even safe process containment.

Mass and energy balances are probably the most essential tools that pyrometallurgists use to develop, design, analyse, and operate our processes. These models take different forms in different applications, but what remains true in all cases is that we need to create them based on sound principles and practices.

We are also renaming our Users’ Meeting to Ex Mente Pyro Community Day. We will have a prominent keynote speaker and several other presenters who will share their thoughts, challenges, and breakthroughs.

Next year we will add a few more topics to the agenda, and we will let you know more about them in time. We are looking forward to seeing you at Pyro Week 2022.


Date Event Format
4 April Essential theory of thermochemistry In person
5-6 April Mass and energy balances – Principles, practices, and applications In person
5-6 April FactSage basic user training In person
7 April Pyro Community Day (Hybrid – both in-person and online) Hybrid – In person and online
8 April Essential theory of process kinetics In person

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Johan Zietsman


The format of the week has changed from last year to make the training more accessible and to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge and skill that will allow them to do powerful thermochemical calculations with FactSage™.


Dr Jaco Swanepoel


Jaco is a Chemical Engineer with twelve years of experience in projects that range from reactive metals handling, reactive metal powder production in molten salt slurry reactors, extractive metallurgy to microwave-assisted gas-solid materials processing.
Jaco contributed to three process patents and obtained a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering. Jaco also completed the KTP Management and Leadership Study Program at Ashorne Hill Management College, England.

Stefan van der Merwe


Stefan’s greatest passion is to enable people. By combining his greatest passion with his love for technology, he finds joy in making computing infrastructure accessible to the non-technical, and developing software that uncomplicates tasks. As a software engineer with qualifications in electronic engineering and bioengineering, Stefan is responsible for software development, enabling the team and clients to advance through insight.