ā€œWe support our clients to grow and improve,
through better understanding and utilisation of their materials, processes, equipment and operations.ā€

Whether you need to improve your existing operations, or develop a new pyrometallurgical production technology, our experienced team of specialists can support you to reduce uncertainty and risk, so that you can make better decisions with confidence, and progress faster. We analyse and improve processes, evaluate refractory material choices, develop metallurgical process concepts, do design reviews, plan commissioning, all based on our rigorous and structured methods. Because of our independence, we are also able to act as expert witnesses in litigation and arbitration cases.

The most fundamental ingredient for progress and success in our industry is strong, well-equipped people. We actively share knowledge and understanding with our clients as we execute projects for them. In some cases, however, equipping your team through training courses may help you to build momentum faster. We offer standardised courses on topics such as thermochemistry, process kinetics, and modelling and simulation. Our rich experience with processes such as ilmenite smelting, pgm smelting, and chromite smelting is the basis for our process-specific training courses, which can be customised to suit your specific circumstances and needs.

The synergies in teams that are able to learn and solve problems together can achieve so much more than individuals that attempt to do the same. If you need to equip your team at a deeper level, we can share the principles and practices that we have developed over more than two decades. Together, we can develop and facilitate team learning and problem-solving plans that work in your circumstances, help unlock more of the potential of your team.

We do independent operational analyses to identify problems, constraints, and weaknesses, and find ways for you to improve. Based on the findings and results of our analysis, we devise operational improvement plans to assist your team to move forward with focus and confidence.

We capture parts of our knowledge and experience in software tools that we refer to as operational enhancement systems, which are deployed to and integrated with your operations. The tools are customised to suit your specific needs and circumstances, to strengthen your team and improve your business 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. This is a valuable means of capturing knowledge and experience, and mitigate risks associated with team members moving into and out of critical positions.

Dr Jaco Swanepoel 2024

Dr Jaco Swanepoel


Jaco is a Chemical Engineer with twelve years of experience in projects that range from reactive metals handling, reactive metal powder production in molten salt slurry reactors, extractive metallurgy to microwave-assisted gas-solid materials processing.
Jaco contributed to three process patents and obtained a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering. Jaco also completed the KTP Management and Leadership Study Program at Ashorne Hill Management College, England.

Stefan van der Merwe 2024

Stefan van der Merwe

Lead Engineer Digital

Stefan’s greatest passion is to enable people. By combining his greatest passion with his love for technology, he finds joy in making computing infrastructure accessible to the non-technical, and developing software that uncomplicates tasks. As a software engineer with qualifications in electronic engineering and bioengineering, Stefan is responsible for software development, enabling the team and clients to advance through insight.